So I go to a lot of parties and forget I have a blog.

I’m from a gigantic family.  That’s my only excuse. I’ve had the most insane few months.

I have really progressed with the Arty, even though I haven’t written very much about it.  Meanwhile, The Hamster King, Mike Field has gone where no one has gone before, into the wacky-packet-world of Ethernet ala Arty. Go look at his github repo, ArtyEthernetTX, and clone that baby!

Check it out – you set the switch to how mild-mannered

“0000” => 1 packet per second
“0001” => 2 packet per second
“0010” => 10 packets per second

Or how insane you want to be.

“1110” => 100,000 packets per second”
“1111” => as fast as possible

Do try this at home.  It’s probably a felony to try it at work because of the denial-of-service thing. (Although accidents do happen sometimes.)  Especially if you read his tip on how to increase the packet size to gigantor. The problem with using gigantic packets is that your speed is going to go down.  It’s a sad world where there is no practical application of special relativity or quantum mechanics to sending giant packets at the same speed as tiny ones.  I mean, gravity works that way, after all.

But then I ramble. And no, I haven’t been drinking.

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